Wavelength Calculator, Formula and Wavelength Calculation Sums

Wavelength Calculator :

Enter the wavelength calculator, calculates the  Wave velocity in meters per second(m/s), Wave frequency in hertz(Hz), Wavelength (λ) in meters(m), and you get the Calculation below the calculator.

Wavelength Calculator

Wavelength Formula :

Wave length formula λ(m) in meter is equal to the  velocity of the wave v(m/s) in meter per second and divided by frequency f (Hz) in Hertz and wave length formula can be written as

λ(m)=v(m/s)/f (Hz)


V→ velocity of the wave in m/s

F→ frequency in Hz

Sample Sums :

Sum1 :

Calculate the wavelength of the wave? in a harmonic wave is moving along a rope and the source generating the waves completes 30 to and formations in 40s.A through travels 2m in 5s .


Time taken for 30 oscillations =40s

Time for 1 oscillation t=30/40=0.75s

Frequency of 1 oscillation f=1/0.75=1.33HZ

The wave travels a distance of 2m in 5s

The wave speed is calculated by v=2/5=0.4ms-1

The wavelength formula is given by byλ=v/f



Sum2 :

Calculate the wavelength of sound? In a frequency of a tunning fork is 400Hz and sound travels a distance of 40m while tuning fork executes 50vibrations.



Frequency f=400Hz

Distance d=40m

No of vibrations/oscillations=50

Wavelength λ=Distance/No of oscillations



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