Thermal Energy Calculator, Formula and Example Problems

Thermal Energy Calculator:

Enter the mass, specific heat, and change in temperature to calculate the thermal energy and you get the below the calculator.

Thermal Energy Calculator

Thermal Energy Formula :

The energy of thermal formula Q(j)  in joule is equal to the mass m (Kg) in kilogram and multiply the specific heat c ( J/kg) in joule per kilogram and multiply the  temperature difference ΔT(0C)  in degree Celsius. Hence the thermal formula of energy can be written as

Q(j)=m (Kg) * c ( J/kg) * ΔT(0C)


Q→ Thermal energy In joule

C→ specific heat in J/kg

ΔT → temperature difference in 0 C

Sample Problems :

Problems 1:

Calculate the thermal energy of a substance whose mass is 4kg and specific heat is 0.040j/kg0 C. The temperature difference of this system is given at 400 C?

Solution :



C=0.040j/kg0 C

ΔT=400 C

The thermal energy formula is given by


=4 ×0.040 ×40


Problems 2:

Calculate the thermal energy? In a 8 kg substance undergoes temperature difference of 80°C whose specific heat is 0.08 J/kg°C .

Solution :



C=0.08j/kg0 C

ΔT=800 C

The thermal energy formula is given by


=8 ×0.08 ×80


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