Thermal Conductivity Calculator, Formula with Sample Problems

Thermal Conductivity Calculator :

Enter the thermal conductivity calculator lets you calculate the thermal conductivity constant (λ) in W/(m·K), Temperature difference (ΔT) in °C, Distance (Δx) in meters(m), Heat flux (q) in W/m²,and you get the calculator.

Thermal Conductivity Calculator

Thermal Conductivity Formula :

Thermal conductivity formula is K(wm-1 k-1) in watts per meter-1 and Kelvin-1 is equal to the amount of heat transferred through the material Q(j/s) in joule per second  and multiply the length L(m) in meter and divided by the area  of the body A(m2) in meter2 and multiply the temperature difference ΔT(k) in Kelvin. Hence the Thermal conductivity formula can be written as,

K(wm-1 k-1)=Q(j/s)*L(m)/A(m2)* ΔT(k)


K→ thermal conductivity in wm-1 K-1

Q→ amount of heat transferred through the material  in j s-1

A→ area of the body in m2

ΔT→ temperature difference in k

Sample Problems :

Problem 1:

Calculate the thermal conductivity value? In a amount of heat 0.40 j/s and length 2.50 m and area 80 m2  and temperature 50 k.


Q=0.40 j/s


A=80 m2


K(wm-1 k-1)=Q(j/s)*L(m)/A(m2)* ΔT(k)


K=0.625 W m -1 k-1


Calculate the thermal conductivity value? In a amount of heat 0.45 j/s and length 3.80 m and area 40 m2  and temperature 25k.


Q=0.45 j/s


A=40 m2


K(wm-1 k-1)=Q(j/s)*L(m)/A(m2)* ΔT(k)


K=1.06 W m -1 k-1

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