Terminal Velocity Calculator, Formula and Sums

Terminal velocity Calculator :

Terminal Velocity calculator with which you can calculate the maximum velocity of an object falling through air and you get the below Calculator.

Terminal Velocity Calculator

Terminal velocity formula :

Terminal velocity formula is Vterminal (m/s) in meter second is equal to the root of acceleration due to gravity g(N/Kg -1) in Newton kilogram-1 and multiply the height from the ground h(Cm) in centimeter. Hence the terminal velocity formula can be written as

Vterminal (m/s)=√ 2g(N/Kg -1) *h(Cm)


V→ Velocity of terminal in m/s

G→ acceleration due to gravity  in  Newton/Kg-1

H→ height from the ground in cm

Terminal velocity formula is applied to calculate terminal velocity, acceleration due to gravity or height if any of these quantities are know. Terminal velocity is expressed in meter per second(m/s).

Example 1 :

Calculate the terminal velocity? In a man is at the height of 4000 m from the ground.

Solution :


Height h=4000m

The  terminal velocity formula is given by

V=√ 2×9.8×4000

V=√ 78400


Example 2 :

Calculate the height of the body if its terminal velocity is  200m/s ?

Solution :

Terminal velocity v=200m/s

The heigh is given by

h=V2 /2g

h=20000/9.8× 2


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