Measurement Formula and Sums

Measurement Formula :

Measurement formula is Area of a Triangle(sq.u) in square units is equal to the Base(kg/m/A/K) in kilogram and meter and Ampere and Kelvin and multiply by the Height(m)  in meter divided by 2.Hence the measurement formula can be written as

Area of a Triangle(sq.u)=Base(kg/m/A/K) * Height(m)/2

Distance= √(x2-x1)2+(y2 –y1)2

circumference of a circle =2 πr

Sample Problems :

Example1 :

Calculate the area of a triangle with base 5 units and height 9 units?

Solution :



Area of a Triangle=fraction Base * Height2




Example2 :

Calculate the distance between two points (3, 4) and (7, 5)?

Solution :



Distance between the points=√(x2-x1)2+(y2 –y1)2

=√(7-3)2+(5 –4)2



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