Force of Attraction Formula and Sample Sums

Force of Attraction Formula :

Force of attraction formula Fg(N)  in Newton   is equal to product of  the gravitational constant G (Nm2/kg2) in Newton meter2/Kilogram2 and  the mass of the object m1 and  m2  in kilogram per second divides by  square the distance between two object is r (m) in meter. Hence the force of Attraction formula can be written as,

Fg(N)=G (Nm2/kg2) *m1 (kg/s)  *m2(kg/s)  / r2 (m)


F → force of attraction in Newton

G→ gravitational constant (6.67×10-11 Nm2 /Kg2)

The mass of object 1 is m1  in kg/s

The mass of object 2 is  m2  kg/s

The distance between two objects → r

This formula aids out in calculating the force acting amongst any two bodies having a greater mass since in smaller masses this force is insignificant.

Sample Sums :

Sum 1 :

Calculate the gravitational force acts amongst two bodies of masses 40,000kg and 80,000kg parted by a distance of 80m ?

Solution :


Mass m1=40000

Mass m2 =80000kg

radius r=80m

Gravitational constant G=6.67×10-11 Nm2 /Kg2

The force due to gravity is given by

Fg=Gmm2 / r2

F=6.67×10-11 Nm2 /Kg2×40000×80000/802

F=3.35×10-5 N

Sum 2:

Calculate the gravitational force acting between them ? In a body of weight 40kg is 4m far away from the body of weight 80kg.

Solution :


Mass m1 =40kg

Mass m1 =80Kg

Radius r=4m

Gravitational constant G=6.67×10-11 Nm2 /Kg2

Fg=Gmm2 / r2

F=(6.67×10-11 )×40×80/42

F=1.334×10-8 N

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