Kinetic Friction Formula and Example Sums

Kinetic Friction formula : Kinetic Friction Formula is Fk(N) in Newton is equal to the coefficient of kinetic friction is μk and multiply the normal force is Fn(N) in Newton. Hence the kinetic Friction formula can be written as Fk(N) =μk* Fn(N) Where, Fk →Force of kinetic friction in Newton μk →coefficient of kinetic friction … Read more

Measurement Formula and Sums

Measurement Formula : Measurement formula is Area of a Triangle(sq.u) in square units is equal to the Base(kg/m/A/K) in kilogram and meter and Ampere and Kelvin and multiply by the Height(m)  in meter divided by 2.Hence the measurement formula can be written as Area of a Triangle(sq.u)=Base(kg/m/A/K) * Height(m)/2 Distance= √(x2-x1)2+(y2 –y1)2 circumference of a … Read more

Linear Momentum Calculator, Formula and Example Problems

Linear Momentum Calculator : The momentum calculator evaluates the linear momentum of an object based on its mass and velocity, and you get the calculation below the calculator check it. Momentum Calculator Linear Momentum Formula : Linear Momentum Formula is P(m/s) in kilogram meter per second is equal to the object of mass m(kg) in kilogram and multiply … Read more

Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution Formula and Example Sums

Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution Formula : Maxwell–Boltzmann statistics describes the distribution of classical material particles over various energy states in thermal equilibrium. It is applicable when the temperature is high enough or the particle density is low enough to render quantum effects negligible. Ek =3/2 KB T=3/2 K/NA T Where, EK → average kinetic energy of … Read more

Kinematic Viscosity Formula and Sample Problems

Kinematic viscosity Formula : Kinematic viscosity formula is V(m/s)  meter per second is equal to permeability μ (Wb/A.m ) in Weber ampere divided by density ρ(kg/m3) in kilogram meter3.Hence the kinematic viscosity formula can be written as V(m/s)=μ (Wb/A.m ) /ρ(kg/m3) μ→ permeability in Wb/A.m Where absolute or dynamic viscosity Ρ→ density in kilogram cube … Read more

Vector Calculator, Formulas and Example

Vector Calculator : Enter a position vector →v=⟨a,b⟩ the magnitude is found by |v|=√a2+b2. The direction is equal to the angle formed with the x-axis, or with the y-axis, depending on the application and you calculate the Below the calculator. Vector Calculator Vector Formulas : The formula for the magnitude of a vector can be … Read more