Magnetic Field of straight Current Carrying Wire Calculator, Formula

Magnetic Field of straight Current – Carrying Wire Calculator Calculate the strength of the magnetic field produced at a distance using the Straight Current-Carrying Wire Magnetic Field Calculator. Maxwell’s equation states that a flowing electric current always produces a magnetic field. Current flowing through a straight wire refers to the magnetic field lines coming from … Read more

Luminosity Calculator, Equation, Calculation With Example

Luminosity Calculator: Enter Star radius in R☉, Star temperature in K, Luminosity L☉, Absolute magnitude, Distance in pcs and Apparent magnitude. Then our calculator calculates the Luminosity values.   This luminance calculator is a handy tool, This allows us to calculate the energy emitted by stars and how bright they appear from Earth. The absolute and apparent … Read more

Lightning Distance Calculator, Formula, Calculation with Example

Lightning Distance Calculator: Enter the time between flash and thunder in sec. Then the Lightning Distance Calculator calculates the distance of the lightning or Storm distance in kilo meter. Here you can change the option of the strom distance in meter, feets, yards, and miles. Our lightning distance calculator will help you estimate storm distance. Imagine … Read more