Wien’s Law Formula and Calculation With Sums

Wien’s Law :

In this law states that blackbody radiation has different peaks of temperature at wavelengths inversely proportional to the temperature. Wien’s law, named after the German physicist Wilhelm Wien, tells us that objects of different temperatures emit spectra with peaks at different wavelengths. Hot objects emit radiation of shorter wavelengths, So they appear blue. Similarly, cooler objects emit radiation of longer wavelengths, So they appear red. In this short article, Learn Wayne’s Law in detail, along with the mathematical representation of Wayne’s Law and other alternative ways of writing the formula.

Wien’s Law Formula :

Wine’s law of formula Λmax(nm) is Newton per meter is equal to the Wien’s displacement constant b(m.K) in meter Kelvin and divided by the temperature T(k)  in Kelvin. Hence the Wien’s law formula can be written as



B→ Wien’s displacement constant =2.8977*103 m.K

T→ temperature in kelvins

Frequency dependent formula

Vmax = α/h KT ≈ (5.879 *10 Hz /K) T


K→ Boltzmann constant

H→ Planck’s constant

T→ temperature in Kelvin

Α→ equivalent value =2.821

From Planck’s law

Λmax =he/x 1/KT=2.8977*106 nm K/T

Example: 1

Calculate the Temperature 40 K and find the Λmax value?




Λmax = 7.4615nm

Example: 1

Calculate the Temperature 200K and find the Λmax value?




Λmax = 1.4923nm

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