Pressure Calculator, Formula, Calculation

Pressure Calculator:

Enter the Force in newtons(N), Area in m², and you get the Pressure in pascals (Pa).

Pressure Calculator

Pressure formula:

Pressure P(N/m2) in Newton per meter square is equal to the product of the force F(N) in Newton is divided by the area A(m2in meter square. Hence pressure calculator formula has been written as,

P(N/m2) = F(N) / A(m2)

P = Thrust /Area


P pressure in (N/m2)

F force in N

A area In m2

Example 1:

Calculate the pressure of an object subjected to a force of 220 N is being applied over an area of 0.7 m2.

Solution :

Force f = 220 N

Area a = 0.7 m2

Pressure p = F /A

= 220 / 0.7

= 314.2 N/m2

Example 2:

Calculate the force of A person is applying 160 pa of pressure on to a door with his hand has an area of 0.06m2.

Solution :

Pressure = 160 pa

Area = 0.06 m2

P = force / area

Force = pressure * area

= 160 * 0.06

= 9.6 N.

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