Hydraulic Pressure Calculator, Formula, Calculation with Example

Hydraulic Pressure Calculator :

Enter the first piston Area in cm², first piston Force in newton (N), second piston Area cm², second piston force in newtons(N), and you get the Liquid pressure in kilopascals(kPa).

Hydraulic Pressure Calculator

Pascal’s Law Formula:

Pascal’s law formula is the force applied to the first piston F1(N) in Newton and divided by the area of the first piston A1(m2) in meter2 is equal to the force applied to the second piston F2(N) in Newton and divided by the area of the second piston A2(m2) in meter2. Hence the pascal’s  law formula related to the Hydraulic pressure calculator can be written as



F1= force applied to the first piston in Newton

A1=area of the first piston in meter square

F2= force applied on the second piston in Newton

A2= area of the second piston in meter square

The pressure of the liquid of the hydraulic press can be P=F1/A1 or p=F2/A2

Another simple formulas are along the lines

D1 = F2/F1*d2




D1=distance at which the first piston has moved in meter

D2=  distance at which the second piston has moved in meter

W= total work done by the piston in in Joules per sec


Let us consider the Two pistons which have the hydraulic lift of 50 cm and 6 cm. Calculate the force at the larger piston when second piston gets 80N?


Given that

The radius of piston r=D/2

The diameter of smaller piston d1=6cm

The diameter of the larger piston d2=50cm

Area of smaller piston A1= π(6/2)2 =9 π

Area of larger piston A2= π(50/2)2

=625  π

Force of the larger piston f2=(A2/A1)XF1

=(625  π)/( 9 π)*80

=54831 N

Therefore of the larger piston is 54831 N


Calculate the  force 80N and area 20m2.Find the light pressure value?


A1=20 m2




Liquid pressure p=4.0 pa

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