Hooke’s Law Calculator, Formula and Sample Examples

Hooke’s Law Calculator :

Enter the Hooke’s law calculator calculates the Spring displacement (Δx) in meters(m), Spring force constant (k) in N/m, Force (F) in newtons(N), and you get the calculation below the calculator check it.

Hooke’s Law Calculator

Hooke’s Law Formula :

Hooke’s Law amount of force F(N) in Newton is equal to the product of the spring constant or force constant  -K(N/M) in Newton per meter is multibly by displacement in the spring x(m)  in meter. Hence the hooks law has been written as,

F(N) = -K(N/M) x(m)


F →amount of force applied in (N).

x →displacement in the spring in (m).

k → spring constant or force constant in (N/M).

Hooke’s law formula can be applied to determine the force constant, displacement, and force in a stretched spring.

Sample Examples :

Example 1:

Calculate the Force applied? In a spring is stretched by 20 cm and has a force constant of 3 cm /dyne.

Solution :

Given parameters are

Force constant k is 3 cm/dyne,

Extension x = 20 cm.

The force applied formula is given by

F = – k x

= – 3 × 20 cm

= – 60 N.

Example 2:

Calculate the force constant if a force of 150 N is stretching a spring by 0.9 m?

Solution :

Given parameters are

Force F = 150 N,

Extension, x = 0.2 m.

The force constant formula is given by

k = – F / x

= – 150 / 0.9

k = – 166 N/m.

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