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Hall Coefficient Calculator:

Hall Coefficient Calculator

Hall Coefficient Formula:

Hall coefficient formula is RH(m3/c) in meter3 per speed of the light is equal to the observed voltage difference voltage V(v) in volts and multiply the thickness of the conductor t(s) in second and divided by the current I(A) in Ampere and multiply the magnetic field B(T) in telsa . Hence the hall coefficient formula can be written as

RH(m3/c) =  V(v)* t(s) / (I(A)*B(T))

Voltage V=RH * I * B /t

Thickness t =RH *I * B/V

Current I= vt / (RH *B)

B=Vt /(RH *I)


RH=is the hall coefficient in meter^3 per velocity of the carrier in meter per sec.

V = Observed voltage difference in volts

T = Thickness of the conductor

B = is the magnetic field

Hall coefficient gives the nature of the charge carriers and their concentration in the conductor. It formula is

RH =-1 / (nq)


N=is the concentration of the carriers

Q=is the charge of a single carrier


Calculate the voltage 50v and current 48A and thickness 38.0m and magnetic field 25T.Find the hall coefficient value?


Voltage = 50 v

Current = 48 A

Thickness =38.0m

Magnetic field =25T

By using formula

RH(m3/c) =  V(v)* t(s) / (I(A)*B(T))

=50*38.0 / 48 * 25

=1.5833333 m3/ c


Calculate the hall coefficient for 5*1028 atom /m3 in the copper block?


Given that

Nq = 5*1028 atom /m3

Hall coefficient RH =-1 /(nq)

RH = -1 / (5*1028)

=-0.125 *10-9 m3/c

Therefore, the hall coefficient  is -0.125 *10-9 m3/c

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