Friction Calculator, Formula and Friction Example Sums

Friction calculator :

Enter the Friction calculator, determine the Normal force (N) in newtons(N), Friction (F) in newtons(N), and you get the calculation below the calculator check it.

Friction Calculator

Friction Formula :

Friction formula is magnitude of friction Ff(N) in Newton  is equal to the coefficient of friction is μ (N) in Newton and multiply the magnitude of the normal force Fn(N) in Newton. Hence the Friction Formula can be written as



magnitude of friction→ Ff

coefficient of friction→  μ

magnitude of the normal force → Fn

The Normal force is equivalent to the weight of the given body. Therefore, the Normal force( Fn) is articulated by



F→ force in Newton

M→ mass in gram (g), kilogram (kg) and tone (t)

G→ gravity  in ms-1

Sample Sums :

Sum1 :

A child is pulling a box of mass 20kg.What is the standard force acting and also calculate the frictional force if the coefficient of friction μ is 2.5?

Solution :


Normal foce , Fn=?

Normal force is given by Fn=mg

=20kg *9.8m/s2


The frictional force is articulated by Ff=μFn



sum2 :

Calculate the frictional force acting between her and the frost layer? In a Nancy of mass 80kg is slipping on the frost. If the coefficient of friction acting is 0.45.

Solution :

Given mass m= 80kg

Coefficient of friction μ=4.5

The Normal force is articulated by Fn=mg

=80kg *9.8m/s2


The Frictional force is articulated by Ff=μFn



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