Electrical Mobility Calculator, Formula with Example

Electrical Mobility Calculator:

Enter the Electrical mobility mm²/(V·s), Temperature in °C, Charge in e ,and you get the calculation of Diffusion constant in mm²/s.

Electrical Mobility Calculator

Einstein relation formula is the diffusion constant D(mm2/s) in millimeter2 per second is equal to the  electrical mobility μ(mm2) in millimeter2 and multiply the Boltzmann constant K B(j/k) in joules per  kelvin and multiply the temperature T(0c) in degree Celsius and divided by the charge of the carriers q(e) in electron.Hence the Einstein relation formula can be written as

D(mm2/s)= μ(mm2) * K B(j/k) * T(0c) / q(e)


D= diffusion constant

μ = electrical mobility

KB =  Boltzmann  constant  and KB=1.3806503 *10-23 J / K

T= temperature

Q = charge of the carriers


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