Degrees of Freedom Calculator ,Formula, Calculation with Example

Degrees of Freedom Calculator:

Enter the Test type in 1-sample, Sample size (N),Degrees of freedom, and 2-sample t-test with equal variances in Sample size (N₁), Sample size (N₂), Degrees of freedom and Chi-square in Number of columns in the table, Number of rows in the table , and the Degrees of freedom.

Degrees of Freedom Calculator

Degrees of Freedom Formula:

Degrees of freedom formula one sample T test DF is equal to the n and minues 1.Hence the degreeof freedom formula can be written as

One sample T test formula

DF =n-1

Two sample T test formula

DF =n1+n2 – 2

Simple Linear Regression Formula

DF =n -2

Chi square Goodness of Fit Test formula

DF =k-1

Chi Square Test for Homogeneity formula

DF =(r-1) (c-1)


Calculate the degree of freedom for given sequence X =4,8,3,5,4


Given n=5


DF =n-1

DF =5-1

DF =4


calculate  the degree of freedom for a given sequence

X=15,9,5,4,3,6,18,25,26,12 y=13,4,19,14


N1 =10 n2=4

Here, there are 2 sequences, so we need to apple DF =n1+n2 -2

DF =10+4-2


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