Coefficient of Static Friction Calculator, Formula and Sample Examples

Coefficient of Static Friction Calculator :

Enter the calculator its Normal force (N) in newtons(N), Friction (F) in newtons(N), and you get the calculation below the calculator check it.

Friction Coefficient Calculator

Coefficient of Static Friction Formula :

Coefficient of static friction μs is equal to the product of the Static force of friction F(N) in Newton is divided by Normal force N(N) in Newton. Hence the coefficient of static friction has been written as,

μs  =  F(N) / N(N)


F →Static force of friction in (N)

μs → coefficient of static friction

N → Normal force in (N)

Sample Examples :

Example 1:

Calculate the coefficient of static friction? In a object having a mass of 20 kg is placed on a smooth surface. Static friction between these two surfaces is given as the 30 N.

Solution :


Mass of box, m = 20 kg

Friction between them, F = 30 N

Coefficient of static friction μs = ?

We know that,

Normal force, N = mg

So, N = 20 * 9.81

= 196.2 N (g = 9.81)

For coefficient of static friction is,

μ= F/N

μs = 30/196.2

μ= 0.153.

Example 2:

Calculate the coefficient of static friction? The normal force and the static frictional force of an object are 60 N and 70 N respectively.

Solution :


N = 60 N

F = 70 N and

μs = ?

the formula for coefficient of static friction is

μ= F /N

μs = 70/60

μ= 1.16.

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