Beam Deflection Calculator, Formula and Examples

Beam Deflection Calculator :

Enter beam deflection calculator its Span length (L) in meters(m), Point load (P) in kN, Modulus of elasticity (E) in MPa, Moment of Inertia (Ix) in m⁴, Stiffness of the beam, EIx in MN·m², and you get calculator .

Beam Deflection Calculator

Beam Deflection Formula :

Cantilever beams are the special types of beams that are constrained by only one given support. These types of objects would naturally deflect more due to having support at one end only,



D→ Beam deflection

W→ Force at one end

L→ Length of beam

E→ Young’s Modulus

I→ Moment of Inertia

Sample Problems :

Example 1:

Calculate the shear? In a pinned-pinned beam of length 40 cm is put under uniform load of 50gms having x as 4 cm.

Solution :


Length L= 40cm

Uniform load w= 50gms

Displacement x=4cm

The shear is given by V=w(L/2-X)



Example 2:

Calculate the moment? In a n fixed-fixed beam of length 60 cm is put under a uniform load of 400 gm having x as 20 cm.

Solution :


Length L= 60cm

Uniform load w=400gms

Displacement x=20 cm

The moment is

V=-w x2/2

=-0.4kg *0.22/2

=0.008k m3

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