Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator, Formula, Calculation with Example

Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator :

Enter the Pressure at sea level (P₀) in hPa, Altitude (h) in meters(m), Temperature (T) in °C, Pressure (P) in hpa, and you get the calculation in below the calculator.

Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator

Air Pressure at Altitude Formula :

Air pressure at Altitude formula is P(pa) in pascal is equal to the pressure at reference level p0(pa) in pascal and multiply the exp and multiply the minus gravitational acceleration -g(m/s2) in meter per second2 and multiply the molar mass of air M(kg/mol) in kilogram per mole and multiply the altitude air pressure h(m) in meter and minus the altitude air pressure h0(m) in meter and divided by the universal gas constant R(Nm/mol-k) in Newton per meter or moler Kelvin and multiply the temperature at Altitude T(k) in Kelvin. Hence the Air pressure at Altitude formula can be written as

P(pa)=p0(pa) *exp (-g(m/s2)* M(kg/mol)(h(m)-h0(m))/(R(Nm/mol-k)* T(k))


H= altitude at which we want to determine the air pressure and is expressed in units m

P= air pressure at Altitude h

P0= pressure at reference level h0,Ingeneral , reference level is at sea level and h0=0

T=temperatue at Altitude h and is given in units kelvins

G= gravitational acceleration and for earth its value is g=9.80665 m/s2

M=molar mass of air and for eartly air M=0.0289644 kg/mol

R= universal gas constant and its value is equal to R=8.31432 Nm/(mol-k)


Calculate the air pressure at Altitude 90pa and height 55m and temperature 50k.Find the Air pressure?


P0=90 pa



P=p0*exp (-g*M(h-h0)/(RT)


=86.680 pa


Calculate the air pressure at Altitude 55pa and height 15m and temperature 24k.Find the Air pressure?


P0=55 pa

H=15 m

T=24 K

P=p0*exp (-g*M(h-h0)/(RT)


=53.8380 pa

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