Acceleration Calculator, Formula and Sample Sums

Acceleration Calculator :

Enter the Acceleration calculator its calculate the Initial speed in meters per second(m/s), Final speed in meters per second(m/s), Time in seconds(sec), Acceleration in m/s², and you get the calculation below the calculator check it.

Acceleration Calculator

Acceleration Formula :

There are two formulas for acceleration. The first formula is from Newton’s second law relates force, mass, and acceleration in an equation. Thus, the formula is:

F= ma


F → force

m → mass

a→ acceleration

The acceleration formula final velocity V(m/s) in meter per second  is equal to  initial velocity u(m/s) in meter per second and addition of acceleration a(m/s2) in meter per second2 and multiply the time taken t(S)  in second. Hence the acceleration formula can  be written as,

V(m/s)=u(m/s) +a(m/s2) *t(S)

V2(m/s)=u2(m/s)+2a (m/s2) *s

S=u(m/s)*t(S)+1/2 a(m/s2) *t2(s)

Final velocity → V m/s

Initial velocity→ u m/s

Acceleration → m/s2

Time taken → s

Distance traveled → s

Sample Problems

Example 1:

Calculate the acceleration? In a toy car accelerates from 4 m/s to 6 m/s in 3 s.

Solution :

Given initial velocity u=4m/s

Final velocity V=6m/s

Time taken t=3s

The acceleration is given by a V-U/t


=4.6 m/s2

Example 2:

Calculate the height of the bridge from the water level ? In a stone is released into the river from a bridge. It takes 6s for the stone to touch the river’s water surface.

Solution :

( initial velocity )u=0(because the stone was at rest)

T=6s(It is Time taken)

A=g=9.8 m/s2(Acceleration due to gravity)

Distance traveled by stone=Height of bridge=s

The distance covered is articulated by

S=ut+1/2 gt2

S=0+1/2  ×9.8  ×6=29.4  m/s2

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