Capacitor Impedance Formula with Calculation

Capacitor impedance Calculation Formula: Capacitor impedance is nothing but an amount of reactance that can be offered by a pure capacitor at the given frequency. It is also called as capacitive reactance. Hence, the capacitor impedance Xc (ohm) in ohm is equal to the inverse product of 6.28 times of frequency f(Hz) in hertz and … Read more

Average Force Formula with Sample Examples

Average Force Formula : Average Force formula F(N) in Newton is equal to product of mass of the body m(kg/s) in kilogram second and multiply the final velocity vf (m/s) in meter per second and initial velocity Vi (m/s) in meter per second and divided by change in time Δ t(s) in second. Hence the Average … Read more

Banking of Road Formula with Problems

Banking of Road Formula : The velocity of a vehicle on a curved banked road: v= √(rg(tanΦ+μs))/1-μs tanΦ For a given pair of roads, and Tyre μs = tanλ, then the velocity of a vehicle on a curved banked road is: v = √rg tan (Φ+λ) The safe velocity on an unbanked road is: vmax = √ μ * … Read more

Combustion Reaction Calculator, Formula and Sample Problems

Combustion Reaction Calculator : Enter the combustion reaction calculator its calculate the Total atoms of carbon C (α), Total atoms of hydrogen H (β), Total atoms of oxygen O (γ), and you get the calculation below the calculator. Combustion Reaction Calculator Combustion Reaction Formula : A combustion reaction is a reaction in which a substance reacts with … Read more

Cone Formula and Cone Problems

Cone Formula : A right circular cone’s surface area is equal to the sum of its lateral surface area (πrl) and circular base surface area (πr2). The formula for the Surface Area of the cone is, Area = πr(l + r) square units Curved Surface Area of Cone, A cone’s curved surface area is the … Read more

Continuous Compound Interest Calculator, Formula with Examples

Continuous Compound Interest Calculator : Enter the continuous compound interest calculator its Initial balance in ₹, Interest rate in percentage(%), and you get the calculation below the calculator you check it. Continuous Compound Interest Calculator Continuous Compound Interest Formula : Amount of money after a certain amount of time A is equal to the product … Read more

Coefficient of Performance Calculator, Formula with Sample Sums

Coefficient of Performance Calculator : Enter the COP calculator calculates the Qₕ in joules(J), Qc in joules(J), W in joules(J), and you get the calculation below the calculator. Coefficient of Performance Calculator Coefficient of Performance Formula : Coefficient of Performance K is equal  to the product of Heat dispelled from the system QC is divided … Read more